At a conference recently, Jack and I were talking to three men from the Detroit, MI area about the many of the economic & crime challenges this area is facing. I read a lot and see many instances of violence happening in this city.

So, after reading the incident below, you might be tempted to say something like, “Well, that’s Detroit, things like that happen there.”  But I would encourage you to look a little bit deeper at this problem because it is one that is showcased for us in the nightly news reports about workplace violence, public violence, mall shootings.

One person feels offended, slighted, misunderstood and in turn decides to show you how pissed off they really are by spraying you with an easily obtained semi-automatic rifle.  What used to be a weird happening, has now become an almost weekly event.

On May 8, 2014, a security guard for an east side Detroit church heard the sound of breaking glass and thumping against the wall.  When he went to investigate, he observed a man throwing trash against the church.  When he asked him to stop, the man glared at him.

He then ran to a car and said to the driver, “Drive to my mom’s house.”  When he returned, he fired four rounds from his AK-47 into the pastor’s car and four more rounds into the ministry building.

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