This morning (9/18/2011) the Associated Press reported two pastors were shot in Lakeland, Florida (near Tampa) at about 9:58 AM.  Initial reports described a chaotic scene, where suspect, 57 year old Jeremiah Fogle burst into the church between morning services and shot Pastor William Boss and Associate Pastor Carl Stewart.

Fogle was tackled and wrestled to the ground by church members and held for police.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office stated Fogle had allegedly killed his wife, 56 year old Theresa Fogle, at their home and then went to Greater Faith Christian Center Church where he shot both pastors.

The pastors are in critical condition and no other church members were injured.  Police are continuing their investigation and searching for a motive behind the murder of his wife and attempted murder of the pastors.  The pastors are listed as critical, but in stable condition.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd stated, “If not for the heroic deeds of the church members, this could have been much worse.”

Reports have stated Fogle walked to the front of the church and shot Pastor Boss in the head while he was conducting a prayer meeting.  He then walked to the opposite side of the church, and shot Pastor Stewart three times.

According to Sheriff Gray Judd, after Fogel opened fire, Derek Foster and Corey Reid grabbed the gun from him, hit him in the head with a nightstand and held him to the ground.

Derrick Foster told The Associated Press he was in prayer Sunday when Jeremiah Fogle entered the church.

Updated Info (September 20, 2011)

Foster says he heard one shot and then people screaming. When he looked up, he saw Fogle turn around pointing the gun at the rest of the church.

Foster and another man tackled him. They wrestled with him for three or four minutes before being able to get the gun.

The two pastors were critically injured. Police say Fogle shot his wife to death at their home before he went to the church.

Reports have stated Fogle has killed before.  Apparently, in 1987, Fogle was charged and tried for manslaughter in the killing of his first wife.  He received a plea deal and received 10 years of probation.

Fogle has been denied bail and is being held by Polk county authorities.

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