Verona, Wisconsin – On November 28, Verona police officers responded to a burglar alarm at St. James Lutheran Church around 11 PM Thursday. When they arrived, they found a broken window.

Police say when the suspect saw the officers outside, he called 911 and told the dispatchers he had a gun and threatened to shoot officers and set the church on fire.

Dane County Sherriff’s Office sent the SWAT and HNT teams to the scene. The suspect surrendered without incident shortly before 2:30 AM. He was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

A Little Tip

Whoever is called on an alarm drop overnight (pastor, security director), it is a good idea to remain tactically alert. Many times while on duty, I have seen churches and businesses direct the alarm company to call them first before the police.

A few times the keyholder has responded and arrived before the police, and have entered the building alone thinking it was probably a false alarm.

While there are many times it is a false alarm, responding on that one time where there is actually someone inside could be pretty dangerous for you, an elder or pastor.

A good policy is to wait for the police, let them enter to check the premises, and then do a walk through with them to make sure nothing was disturbed.

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