Many violent incidents at church stem from domestic or marital problems.  This weekend a man chose church as the place to confront the pastor, his wife and his father-in-law about a pending divorce.

According to WHNT:

“Authorities arrested an Athens man after police say he attempted to pull a gun from its holster during a church service Sunday.

Deputies said it happened while Thomas Zebulun Lewter, 34, was speaking at the pulpit during a service at O’Neal Church of Christ. He is charged with making a terrorist threat.

Additional charges may be pending.

Stephen Young, Public Information Officer with the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office, said Lewter approached the pulpit during the service and began to speak about his pending divorce, calling out his wife and father-in-law who were present in the service.

According to authorities, congregants approached the pulpit and tried to convince Lewter to stop talking and sit down, but he refused. That’s when deputies say Lewter attempted to grab his handgun. Deputies say congregants tackled and restrained him.

A retired Limestone County Sheriff’s deputy who was present assisted, Young said, and handcuffed Lewter while they waited for deputies to arrive.

Authorities took Lewter to Athens-Limestone Hospital for evaluation before booking him into the Limestone County Jail. Bond has not been set at this time.”

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