Nobody likes getting those alarm company phone calls in the middle of the night saying their facility had a break-in or alarm drop, but rushing in before the police arrive is often a bad idea.  Over the course of my police career, I have seen this done by pastors, business owners, home owners and school officials numerous times, and I always remind them treating an alarm drop as a nuisance is the fastest way to end up hurt or dead.

Whether you or your church pastor are the people answering those late night calls, keep in mind that you never know what you might find, and staying outside and waiting for police to arrive is a wise decision.  Pulling up onto the church property alone is also a risky choice.  I recommend the alarm responder drives by the church one time before pulling into the parking lot, if there is no police officer present, park down the road with your lights off in view of the church if possible.

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If someone is breaking into the church, it is most likely someone looking to make a quick buck pawning anything they can find.  If you or your pastor show up alone, it may give him just enough time to relieve you of your property.

When the arrives in the area, follow him into the church lot a few moments later.  It may be a good idea to tell the dispatcher the type of car you will be driving and to advise you will be waiting off church property until they arrive.

In Hattiesburg, Mississippi a burglar broke into the local Baptist church armed with a hatchet.  Imagine surprising him in the middle of his crime. Drug Addicted Man + Desperation + Hatchet = Bad News

Here is the news report:

Hattiesburg police are looking for a man who may have broken into two businesses — using a hatchet to make entry. The unknown male suspect was seen around 3:30 a.m. April 7 entering Hardy Street Baptist Church, 1508 Hardy St. “There was a glass portion of a door that was shattered at the church, which appeared to be the only damage,” HPD spokesman Ryan Moore said. “Nothing appeared to have been taken.”

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