Monroe, Ohio – Police were called to Solid Rock Church in Monroe, OH on a report of a disturbance during a mid-week service.

Several groups have protested the church’s desire to rebuild a 62 foot statue of Jesus that was destroyed in a fire last week.  The fire destroyed the sculpture and caused $400,000 in damage to a music theater, but no damage to the church itself.

The church states it intends to build a bigger, better, fireproof Jesus likeness by the end of the year.

During a Wednesday evening service, a man shouted out that had some questions to ask her.  She reportedly said, “We don’t answer questions during service.”

The man, later confronted her and her husband about whether a statue could be a violation of the Second Commandment, which forbids making or bowing down to a graven image.

The pastor responded that they don’t worship the statue, but the living God.

In a police report, filed by Brandon M. Ushery, 23 of Sprinfield Township, something different happened.  He reported to police that a church member assaulted him while he and his frined, Andrew Braden, 27 were at the church to “protest the ‘worship of a graven image.'”

Ushry stated that when he and his friend began protesting, they were advised to leave by church security.  Allegedly, as they were being escorted out of the church, Ushry told police a church member grabbed him, shoved him, and threatened to beat him.

The accused church member told police that the pair were cursing and yelling during the service and “they continued to protest while he and other security members began to escort them out of the church, and at no time did he threaten or shove Ushry or Braden.

The complainant (Ushry) was referred to the local prosecutor if he wanted to pursue charges.

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