COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – The shooting of Pastor Tim Remington, senior pastor of The Altar Church in Coeur d’Alene, was shot six times and critically wounded in the church’s parking lot Sunday. His condition has since been upgraded to fair, and he was described as stable.

He was reportedly shot in the head and back by a former combat Marine, identified as Kyle Andrew Odom, age 30, who reportedly suffers from mental illness.

Initial reports are Odom attended church at The Altar Church Sunday morning armed with a handgun.  He is not known to be a regular attender and is not believed to have been in attendance there before.

Pastor Remington was shot outside of the church in the parking lot area. The suspect was seen leaving the church parking lot in a silver Honda, and the image was captured by surveillance cameras.

Police tracked the suspect to the Boise, Idaho airport where he boarded a plane and ended up in Washington D.C.  He was located at the south fence of the White House throwing flash drives and packages over the fence.

When he was arrested and questioned by Secret Service officials, he stated he wanted to tell the President the government wasn’t doing enough about space aliens.

Police investigation revealed Odom’s plan involved additional distrubing details, and he was most likely targeting another member of the church staff as well. The staff member was placed under police protective custody.

According to KQH

“Remington’s oldest son, Jeremiah, told KHQ on Tuesday night that Odom’s arrest “feels like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders.” Jeremiah Remington said his father was awake and talking and was expected to make a full recovery.

The Altar Church, a nondenominational evangelical church, said in its first formal statement on the shooting that Remington “is still subject to infection, the potential of loss of feeling or movement in his right arm, and undetected damage to internal organs.”

The church asked members and supporters to set aside any “fear, anger, or a desire for vengeance.”

“Over the past two weeks our congregation has been studying and praying for revival in our churches and nation,” it said. “We have sensed that the nation stands at a crossroads and it is critical for the church in America to fulfill its role as salt and light to a dark and dying world.”





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