We should not be surprised by the violence that is now happening on a daily basis.  Each incident is overly exposed by our 24 hour news cycle, and gives each new shooter a goal to reach.

Malls, schools, parks, church, grocery stores, school board meetings…there are no longer imaginary lines where a violent incident cannot spontaneously explode.

It is the wise person who adopts warrior (sheepdog) thinking, no matter the age or sex of the person.

In less than three weeks, two violent mass shootings have happened where women stood up and confronted armed violence.  In the AZ shooting, it happened to be 61 year old Patricia Maisch.  Witnesses observed her yelling at the gunman to give here the weapon, as she attempted to disarm him.  Where does courage like this come from?  In most mass shooting cases, the violence is often ended by a non-police officer either by shooting the armed suspect, or by some kind of tackling movement.  In many cases, the spontaneous heroes place their lives on the line.  In this case, Patricia Maisch said she didn’t stop to think of her own safety, she didn’t hesitate for a second.

She didn’t wait for the police to come save her.  She took matters into her own hands, and she saved many, many lives.

“I immediately knelt up over him, because he was right there almost on top of me, and the gun was in his right hand,” she said.

She said she grabbed the 9mm magazine he took out of his pocket, disarming him before he could inflict more damage.

“I was waiting to be shot, I was wondering how it was gonna feel to be shot.”

Two men, identified as Roger Salzgeber and Joseph Zamudio, tackled the suspect, and stopped him from continuing his cowardly attack.

Click here to watch a video of an interview with Patricia.

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