Update – The Easter shooting is on-going at the Hiawatha Church in Ashtabula, Ohio, and information about the shooter are beginning to emerge.

While police investigate the crime, where Rashad Riddle, 25 years old, gunned down his father, Richard Riddle, they are finding he is someone with who local law enforcement has had many previous arrests and contacts.

The area where this occurred has been described as a high crime area.

Witnesses have confirmed they heard him yell “Will of Allah” as he entered the church, he also continued to say it was God’s will. He has not given a reason or motive for the murder.  It is still unknown whether his a practicing Muslim.

Reshad Riddle was familiar to the church, and he had attended there when he was younger.  His path since that time has included violent felonies including drug trafficking and felonious assault, where he tried to cut his girlfriend’s throat.

His Facebook comments included mentions of God, Allah and the Bible. According to the Star Beacon, “Hours before the shooting, Reshad Riddle commented on his own horoscope, ‘Is skripture into flesh, As they kame before me.’ At the same time, Reshad Riddle also posted a photo about getting mad with the note ‘They bout to find out how real’with the word “scripture” and several numbers.”

Police reportedly responded very quickly to the scene and were able to take him into custody without further violence.

Initial reports to the police were of a mass shooting, and they received several calls from parishoners inside the church. They were expecting to find more bodies on scene.

Riddle reportedly walked beyond the small lobby area, and entered into the sanctuary and walked freely about while church members tried to hide.  He carried the gun in hand and unholstered.

And excellent article with more facts can be found at the Star-Beacon

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