An interesting report from Bay News 9, Florida – something I think most of us already know, but I have seen headlines like this increasing in number.  A recent house measure in Georgia caused quite a stir, even before being passed to the Senate, which would allow guns to be carried in church.

For your information, you just might be contacted by your local media.  I think this church handled the topic pretty well.

From Bay News 9

An increase in shootings and violence in Florida and nationwide has prompted many churches to be proactive and increase their own security in ways some might not expect — with guns in church.

“Unfortunately, there is a need for it in the world today,” said a local man we spoke with, who didn’t want to reveal his identity, because he goes to church armed and ready to protect the congregation if he has to do so.

“They are trying to teach you about your journey with God, and they don’t want distractions,” said Craig Dixon, owner of Bethel Defense, a company that trains religious leaders how to protect themselves. “Someone wearing a gun beside you can be a major distraction.”

Read the rest of the story here.

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