Gladeville, TN – According to a local news station, WKRN, a firearm was discharged inside the The Glade Church at around 9:00 AM between two services.

According to the news report, 

“Authorities told News 2 a man, who has a carry permit, was attending an Easter service at the Gladeville Baptist church when the gun in his pocket accidentally went off.

The gun was a 9mm glock, and the bullet tore a hole through his pants and shot into the floor.

Pastor Mark Marshall heard the gun shot when it happened around 9 a.m.

“The big picture is nobody was hurt. It was completely an accident on this guy’s part,” Marshall said.”

There is a notice prohibiting firearms in the church, but the pastor said several people carry, including off-duty police officers.

While there were 40-50 people present and in the area, nobody was harmed during the incident.

The firearm and ammunition were collected for evidence and the case will be reviewed by the local prosecutor for charges or loss of his CCW permit.

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