I’m really thankful this didn’t happen during a church service, but I could see it happening.  A Georgia man was arrested for ramming his truck into six separate churches near Centerville, GA on February 26, 2018 between the hours of 5:45 AM and 7:00 AM.  It seems the master-mind criminal left parts of his truck behind that made him easily identifiable.  This is a case where cameras helped solve the crime.

According to WGXA:

“A man is charged with six counts of Criminal Damage to Property and two counts of Vandalism to a Place of Worship for a series of crashes in Centerville Monday morning.

Alberto Salcedo-Aguirre was arrested at a home off Sullivan Rd. in Warner Robins after an investigation by multiple departments, according to Centerville Police.

Centerville Police says several crashes happened between 5:45-7 a.m. Monday, caused by a small, light-colored truck.

The truck crashed through Trinity Baptist Church on N. Houston Lake Blvd. It busted through a double glass door on the side of the church. No one was injured.

Police say patrol units also found damage done to garage doors and storage sheds.

The incidents occurred on Benjamin Dr., St. Marlow Dr., Nantucket Island, Carrington Lane and at Centerville United Methodist Church, in addition to Trinity Baptist Church.

Anthony McPhail, Pastor of Centerville United Methodist Church, said, “It was a direct hit. There’s no damage to the brick alongside, the rail alongside, so it obviously, someone didn’t veer of the road. They were driving directly toward that door. So that was a little surprising that someone would want to take out the doors to the church that way.”

Officers say they caught Salcedo-Aguirre because parts of his truck fell off at the scenes.

Detective Sergeant Christine Welch began the investigation and found the suspect’s truck at an undisclosed location. She was able to retrieve video recordings from surveillance cameras at neighborhood entrances, convenience stores and home cameras to track down Salcedo-Aguirre.

Sgt. Anna Lange of the Houston County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Division assisted in the investigation.”

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