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Video: Discover How To Easily Plan, & Build A Security Ministry

In this video, Glen Evans & Jack Justice discuss the challenges Jack faced when he began planning a security ministry at his church. Discover how he sped up the process, removed obstacles, and administered a security and safety ministry at two churches.

Video: How To Build A Policy Manual Quickly

The importance of having a policy and procedure manual and training your team members is vitally important to limit your liability.  It also shows you bring professionalism and best practices to your effort.  We reveal how to write a policy manual for both safety and medical teams in less than a day.

Video: Why Your Church Needs A Service Based Security Ministry

Download this video and share it with decision makers in your church.  Discussing church security brings with it many questions of what church security might look like at your church. Jack Justice explains the reasons you should consider improving security .


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Most people don’t realize church security incidents happen every week.  Robberies, burglaries, suspicious situations, disruptions, and shootings happen very often and around churches.  When you become a free member, you will be notified instantly notified via email when something new is posted.

Video: How To Evaluate Your Church's Need For A Security Team

In this video we help you understand the things you should incorporate into your planning:

  • Task list and things to think about.
  • Gaining support for your efforts
  • The steps to building a successful ministry.

15 Minute Telephone Consultation: We Answer Questions

After watching the videos and looking through the blog, you may have questions about church security. Schedule a consultation call with Glen Evans or Jack Justice and we can discuss how to implement church security with the resources you now have available. Once you sign up, contact us using the contact form.

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