Church Security Report #7 – In this video Glen talks about an attempted homicide that happened during a Vacation Bible School event in PA, and a missions team vehicle theft that happened in Las Vegas.

Williamsport, PA – Adults and children entering the United Methodist Church in Williamport, PA witnessed a violent domestic violence and attempted homicide happening right in the church parking lot.

A 23 year old female and 26 year old male arrived in separate cars and began yelling at each other, when the 23 year old female pulled out a .410 pistol and began shooting at the 26 year old male hitting him once in the back.  She then jumped on him and began striking him in the head.

Williamsport is a scenic town near located at the center of Pennsylvania and home to about 30,000 people, demonstrating once again that violence can strike anywhere and at anytime.  Thankfully, nobody from the church was injured and the victim is expected to survive.

According to the Sun Gazette article, a motorist seeing what happened pulled over, ordered her to stop and pulled her off the victim.

Meanwhile, church members were able to enter the church and secure themselves away from the violence, calling police to the scene.

Las Vegas, NV – A missions team from Kentucky was disappointed to find their vehicle with expensive electronic equipment had been stolen when they pulled into a parking lot at Chili’s.

Here’s The Video

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