The FBI arrested an Ohio man, 28 year old Wei Li yesterday on allegations that he sent a threatening text message to his estranged wife stating he would commit a mass shooting at her church and  Las Vegas casinos.  He stated he had already run several dry runs and that the incident “would go down in history.”

The criminal complaint doesn’t name specific casinos where the alleged perpetrator planned to carry out the attack, nor the church where his wife was a member. The FBI did say the church was large, with at least 1,000 people attending a typical service.

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In texts obtained by police, Li told his wife, “You made me do this.” He also sent her photos posing with guns and knives.  When detained by federal investigators and asked to unlock his phone, Li quickly deleted a text chain. He’s been charged with sending interstate threatening communications, and destruction of evidence.  Li, who remains in custody on $500,000 bond, told law enforcement that he wasn’t going to carry out the attack. Should he be found guilty of transmitting threatening interstate communications, he could face more than 20 years in prison.”

The reason this man was arrested is because his estranged wife took the threats seriously, told someone, and allowed the system to work on her behalf.  I’ve said it once, and I will say it again, domestic violence can explode quickly.  Churches are especially vulnerable due to the emotional nature of domestic violence and the fact that churches often provide counseling services.

All too often, the danger signals are ignored often resulting in injury, attempted murder and murder being committed against estranged wives and clergy due to missed or ignored signals.

Encourage your pastor to share information he or she deems threatening to the church, disseminate basic information to the team, and consider having someone who threatens violence trespassed from the property.  All efforts to guard the domestic violence victim’s dignity should be made.  However, your team cannot be on the alert for things they do not know about.

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