In America we have the right to protest what we deem as unjust, as long as the action is not disruptive or a violation of other citizen’s rights. A recent development within the United States has been disruption of church services by homosexual groups intent on drawing attention to their views.

Most recently, a group identified as Bash Back disrupted a Michigan church where they yelled, disrupted the service, handed out pamphlets and kissed each other.

As upsetting as this may be to church members, it is important your church security team responds to this disruption appropriately and within the law. The problem initially is determining the threat level posed to church members. Physical attacks, where the safety of innocent church members is in jeopardy, should be stopped as soon as someone can intervene. However, the groups targeting churches at this time do not outwardly physically attack (not that this could not change) people. There have been reports of spitting upon Chrisitans, but this has occurred outside the church environment.

Their goal is two fold. First, the groups want to cause shock and awe toward their intended target. They understand the act of homosexuality is offensive toward Christians. Secondly, extremists hope to goad responding parties into inappropriate action with the intention of legal action against the responding parties. There is a high likelihood there will be someone from there videotaping the entire incident.

If one of your team members over-reacts, there is a strong chance your church and team member can end up being sued. This is why training is so important. Planning in advance for an appropriate response is critical to successful resolution.

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