According to the LA Times, “An organization that has helped deliver about 12,000 diapers a month to parents in need during the last year discovered this week that about 13,000 diapers, valued at $5,000, had been stolen from its storage in a Durham, N.C., church building.”

The theft incident deprived the North Carolina Diaper Bank of its supply of size 4 diapers stopping all deliveries. Size 4 fits a 30-pound child. The unknown suspects not only broke into the room where most diapers were stored, but also had knowledge of a secret hiding spot somewhere elsewhere in the building.

According to reports, families who would have normally received the diapers were approached on the street and the packages were being sold for $4 a piece.

Security at the church where the diapers were stolen from was slated to be improved since the theft.

According to a study, 26% of families can not afford to provide an adequate supply of diapers for the children and diaper banks have emerged through out the country to meet the demand. Welfare checks cannot be used to buy diapers, so churches and community groups have sought to help families meet this need.

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