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Minersville, PA – On September 3, 2016, the English Evangelical Lutheran church was vandalized when an unknown suspect threw a brick through an old stained glass window.  The church was built in 1852.

When the police cleared the scene after the initial investigation, the suspect returned and caused more extensive damage to the window.

The police have labeled this a deliberate attack.  A note was reportedly left behind mentioning Jesus, but the police have not released the content of the document.

The police are warning other area churches and recommending they purchase video cameras to document crime on church grounds.

According to the Republican Herald, “Police Chief Michael Combs said residents in the area heard what they said sounded like glass breaking about 9 p.m. Wednesday. Glass was visible on the outside of the building along with pieces of cement.

Police did not gain entry to the church until Thursday morning because they could not get in contact with anyone from the church. Upon entering, police found the note and bricks, which they suspect are from a nearby vacant house. Combs said the concrete might have come from a damaged concrete sidewalk in the area. The bricks and cement left a hole in the window between 1 1/2 to 2 feet wide and 10 to 12 inches high.”

Borough Manager Bob Mahalchick was very bothered by the vandalism at the church.

“It makes you sick. It’s a house of worship. To have somebody desecrate a church like this is beyond comprehension,” Mahalchick said.

Police continue to search for a suspect and a $250 reward has been put up by a church member.



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