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Have you ever wondered what you would do if someone came into your church and attempted to harm you or a member of your church?  Many churches have started church security teams, but many wonder what to train for…until now.

Hello, My name is Glen Evans, and I helped start Church Security Alliance.  Four years ago, there wasn’t much in the way of church security training, except expensive day long security seminars.  While this type of training is a good idea when starting a ministry, most quickly realized the need for additional training.

Having been a force tactics instructor for three different police departments, I have seen first hand the defensive tactics and techniques that work, and those that are a waste of time.  It is my belief that a person with the knowledge of when to act, how to act, and how to control a deteriorating or violent encounter are the essential keys for staying out of legal hot water.

I am not a lawyer (for sure), but I have been around long enough to see good people get into trouble because they didn’t have a good base of training, or overreacted because they were scared and untrained.

The truth is most people cannot fathom the idea of being involved in a physical confrontation. The idea of harming another person to protect themselves (or other innocent people) is something they cannot bring themselves to do…which is fine.  But if you have signed up to be a church security team member, then you need to know how to lawfully stop an unanticipated empty hand attack upon you or your church family.  At the very least, you need to know how to deescalate a situation, or physically control an out-of-control person bent on physically harming someone.

Times Are Changing

I have been attending church most of my life, and it has always seemed a safe place for me.  The truth is, I never thought about a bad person coming into my church and physically assaulting me or anyone else.  I knew there were men in the church who looked pretty tough and that could handle themselves, but I never gave it a thought…until I became a police officer. It was then I realized human behavior is unpredictable, especially if someone is mentally ill, on drugs, or extremely emotional.

Until I entered the field of church security, I didn’t realize how often churches are targeted for crime.  Since we began tracking this, I never considered a person actually planning to enter places of worship to steal, abuse or destroy lives.  It seemed like the church should be off limits

Since beginning Church Security Alliance, we have been contacted by many, many people concerned about violent or potentially violent critical incidents that have happened in their church, and many have questioned if they did the right thing.

Some did, and some didn’t…

Doing The Right Thing

Church security is an important ministry within the church.  It is the perfect opportunity to make a good impression on visiting guests because this is truly a “helps” ministry.  However, one bad incident can cause your church security team to become disbanded, or worse, legally culpable if someone is harmed without cause (i.e. an overreaction).

Recently, I read a story where a church experienced a disruption during the midweek prayer service.  Security was called and responded to the worship center. The pastor requested the loud protester be removed by security.  The person refused to leave and one security person attempted to physically remove him. When the police arrived on scene, it wasn’t to arrest the protester, but to refer the security guard to the prosecutor for charges!

This is why it is so important your church security team member understands the importance of force, your policy for employing it, how to appropriately apply the tactic, and how to legally protect himself after the incident.

People do strange things when they are under stress. Often, they “over do it” and are accused of wrong-doing, when in fact, they were just trying to protect themselves.  There isn’t a thought of malice, but due to not understanding the situation completely or not being trained in how to respond appropriately, they do too much or sometimes not enough.

The way to prevent this is…


One mistake an administrator can make is believing that if you train someone in defensive tactics, they will use those tactics inappropriately.  They believe if the problem is ignored, or if the security team personnel are left in the dark, that they won’t ever have to use force.  This is not true.  In fact, the opposite happens. It is important expectations are set in advance, and your church security team understands how to appropriately use defensive tactics.

Numerous church security situations have happened through out the country where one person willing to act has saved many lives or prevented injuries to others.  Many of these people have reverted back to training they received several years before!

This is what we hope to accomplish with this DVD series.  We want your church security team to understand the parameters of force and to have some easy to apply tools in their tool belts. Our main focus is to teach security personnel to keep their hands off of people unless there is no other choice.  However, if they are being attacked, or if someone is attacking an innocent person in your church, it is a good idea to know what you can legally do, what options to use, and to act in confidence.

Limited Time Offer

We are planning to release this 4 part DVD series at a list price of $297.  For a limited time, we are offering the entire 4 part DVD package for $150.  This is a savings of $147.

Taped live while conducting a hands on defensive tactics course for a Christian university security department, it shows the critical steps for understanding the law, employing defensive tactics, and physically restraining violent people.  The course it taught by Glen Evans and shows very simple techniques and principles that can be used by anyone, and that have been used in the field.

During the course, I demonstrate the technique, how it works, and more importantly why it works, and when it would be appropriate to use the technique.

Here Is A List Of Everything Offered In The DVD Series

In this DVD training series we will review the correct mindset of the security officer and present a series of skill and drills to build confidence in your team members when a hands on conflict occurs.

We cover everything you will need to know when employing force, the easiest techniques, and how to protect yourself from civil liability.  We cover:

•       Having the Proper Mindset So You Can Win In Any Situation

•       Dealing with the Public Effectively For Positive Member         Interaction

•       Simple Escort Positions To Ensure Your Safety and Gain Voluntary Compliance

•       Using Pressure Points Without Anyone Knowing You Are Exerting Control

•       Tactical Breathing To Calm Your Nerves, Decrease Your Heart Rate, And Increase Focus

•       Reporting the Use of Force Properly So You Don’t Hang Yourself With The Police

•       Dealing with Resistance Calmly, So Your Demeanor Influences The Bad Guy

•       Easy Take Down Tactics That Are Easy To Learn and Easier To Implement

•       Handcuffing Techniques To Minimize Damage To A Suspect And Increase Tactical Success

•       Transitioning a Suspect to a Face Down Position Even If He Doesn’t Want To Go

•       Handcuff Maintenance So The Cuffs Work When You Need Them

•       Properly Searching for Weapons So You Aren’t Surprised Back In The Office

•       Ground Fighting Tactics To Help You Gain Your Feet Quickly And Defend Yourself

•       Easy Hand to Hand Tactics To Enable Control Over A Combative Subject

•       Physical Strikes And When To Use Them – How To Stop A Threat With Targeted Strikes

•       Baton Tactics – Tactically Deploying, Striking and Putting It Away Like A Pro

And Much, Much More…

Our goal with this DVD series is to give your church security team all the tools they need to keep your church community safe and legally compliant. The use of force is a serious issue, and planning to handle violence with a trained response is so much better than having no plan at all.

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Glen Evans

Church Security Alliance


P.S. We strive to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. If you don’t find the information contained in the 4 DVD set to be exactly what you need, we will return your money with no questions asked.

Please note, this is a limited time offer and the price for this product will soon be $297.00, so be sure to get your copy for one payment of $150 before the price increase (saving you $147.00)

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