A large church in Mesa, AZ was the victim of a church burglary where the burglar, while wearing an ankle bracelet, spent a lot of time collecting over $100,000 in property.  He was able to steal a church vehicle, loaded up two trailers with property, and was found inside one of the vans when he was located by police.

Quoted from ABC15

“A man is accused in a several hour theft of a Mesa church’s vans, trailers, and equipment. Mesa police report that on July 25, a man, later identified as 34-year-old Martin Michael Burke, broke into a vehicle parked at the Central Christian Church near Lindsay and Brown roads.

He reportedly removed a jack from a car’s trunk and used it to pry open a garage door at the church. Police say church surveillance video shows Burke going through several offices and prying open key boxes until he found the keys to two church vans. Burke was later seen allegedly attaching trailers to two of the vans and filling the trailers with equipment.”  More Information at ABC15

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