Monroe, GA – The Monroe Church of God ministers to area youth through a popular gym night, and usually there are never any serious problems.  This changed on March 15, when two young men attending for the first time, became embroiled in a heated altercation in the parking lot.

Both men pulled pistols and began shooting at one another, when church volunteer, Derek Irvin stepped between them and convinced them to stop.

According to the church’s pastor, Dave Smith, “The leader of our open gym stood between them, Derek Irvin, he actually stood between them and because of some relationship with the other kids brought the situation down, diffused it.”

Miraculously, nobody was injured or shot during the brief gun battle.  The suspects fled the scene.

Monroe Police said that Degarrious Smith 20, Sanchinez Sims 21 and Fenandez Smith 20 were arrested. Police said they also confiscated four guns in the process.

Fenandez Smith is being charged with aggravated assault, reckless conduct, discharging firearms near public street and possession of firearm during commission of a crime. Sanchinez Sims was arrested on a probation violation warrant. Degarrious Smith was arrested for reckless conduct.

Police have not yet released details about how each of the men was involved in the shooting.  This is another illustration of one man courageously keeping his head, when others were losing theirs.  As of this writing, the men have not been arraigned.

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