When attempting to take physical control of an encounter, it is very possible you may end up on the ground. In fact, many take downs end in the natural position for handcuffing. However, as Murphy’s Law comes to visit, it is very possible you might end up on your back looking up at a very angry person. This is especially true if the assailant has taken his attention from his original target, and is actively “teaching you a lesson” for getting involved.

Your goal when on the ground is to avoid being hit, avoid being mounted, and getting to your feet as fast as you can. So, what should you do when you find yourself on the ground on your back? The first step is to establish control and get the assailant within your guard. This means you wrap your legs around his torso, and lock your legs around his waist. The second step is to wrap his head and his arm to disallow the chance to strike you and do real damage.

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