A knife wielding man holding two knives entered a church in the UK, the Universal Church of Kingdom of God in Brixton Road, London. was quickly stopped by security when the security guard stepped in front of the man.

The man said he was there to pray.

After a brief scuffle, the guard carried the man out the door away from where the congregation was meeting.

Once outside, he threatened to stab the security guards. He was last seen walking away from the church and his identity remains unknown.

The video is great. It shows how quickly things can happen and the need to stay vigilant at all times.

While they do things differently in the UK (no guns allowed), engaging someone with a football tackle and moving them isn’t usually the best way to engage someone with knives.

It is too close for comfort, and your chances of being stabbed, sliced and cut are likely. Fortunately, the guard was on his game and surprised the man and moved in quickly before he had a chance to engage.

However, I’m not going to criticize someone who got the job done. In tactics, there is always a good, better, and best way to do things. If it works and nobody gets hurt, it is a great day.

I’m not sure if the guard saw the knives, but there was something that caused him to move quickly. Delivering elbows to the face or a knee strikes to the groin when engaging closely are ideal.

Pain changes the brain and refocuses the offender’s focus when engaged.

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