Please accept our apology. We were alerted by a reader the UV-5R is not FCC compliant. The information we were operating from was inaccurate. After an extensive review and confirmation by the manufacturer, it has been determined that the UV-5R will not meet all of the Part 95 requirements of FCC rules.

Many online suggest the radios could be used for the purposes stated, we believe this would be an integrity breach, and we refuse to operate in this manner.

We will not be shipping any of these units for MURS operations.

Many have called or emailed us asking about a solution for radios. Thankfully, we may have a solution to offer in the coming weeks.

An alternative that will meet the MURS requirements and have the same durability of the origional radio. I plan to have test units within 2-3 weeks. We will test the units during several services. Quality of manufacturing should equal or exceed the original radios. For those with a high level of interest in this product and we will have an acceptable replacement shortly.

Jack Justice

We have been made aware this radio may not be in compliance with FCC Certification. We have submitted a request to the manufacturer for Part 95 certification. We apologize for any inconvenience, and will post when we receive clarification.

Radio communication is one of the most frequent topics of discussion among members. Many have been using Family Radio Service due the the high cost and complicated path to getting a FCC business band license. The MURS channels are a great alternative to both of these typical choices. We started to test various systems several years ago and have selected the MURS system as the best alternative for church secuirty. Great quality sound in a durable but affordable package.

We have decided to add a line of MURS capable radios to the store. The radio we have chosen after significant testing is the Baofeng UV-5R. The radios are fully programmed for the MURS frequences as well as FRS and NOAA channels. We believe that you will be very pleased with the clarity and durability of these radios.

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