Church Security team leaders have expressed frustration with the issue of training, and I have heard from people on the team who don’t necessarily like attending training because it consists of the leader reading policies to them.  BOOORING!

I believe training is best done in small bites.  I have been to day long trainings where I walk away with about two actual productive hours, and the rest is wasted time because my brain isn’t able to absorb the training. The best training involves learning a skill, then being able to immediately practice it with a lot of reps, then being tested upon the teaching with a short test.

What your team needs are short 10 -20 minute training lessons that can be shared with the whole team or presented in a group session, discussed, practiced, tested and then on you can be on your way.  I am developing this course over the next year and I am going to disseminate it on our blog.  If you are a member from Free to Legacy, you will have access to the lesson for two weeks.  The study guide, test, certificate and video download will be made available for sale at a very reasonable price.  This will help us sustain CSA and we appreciate your support.

Church Security Basics 1: Introduction Video The O.O.D.A. Loop

The video, notes, test, and certificate will be available on our training page in the near future.  Church Security Alliance

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