Church Security Incident- I was notified by a law enforcement officer (who wished to remain anonymous) of an incident that happened close to my hometown in Ohio.

This story is anecdotal and it is not backed by any source other than the officer who passed it along to me.

The first incident involved a church secretary and a soon to be ex-husband.  The man showed up in while she was working and caused a disturbance.  He was removed by law enforcement.

A few days later, church staff contacted law enforcement to let them know outside doors had been found chained and locked from the outside.  This of course set my mind to wondering what evil intent someone had to do something like this.  Check out the video to listen to me describe the incident and provide some simple solutions.

The second incident happened in Anna, IL where a church secretary and cleaning lady were injured by an unknown attacker.

I am often alarmed when I go into a church and find the secretary there all alone and the front door unlocked and easily accesible.  There a conflicting reports of whether the door was unlocked or broken into.

Watch the video to learn one simple method that can stop a criminal from committing violent crimes against our church secretary.

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