Church “Safety” and “Security” Banners
If your church has elected to have armed security staff in place during services and other major events you need to consider the following:
Friendly Fire by Responding Law Enforcement Officers!
Most church security teams that have an armed staff are in plain clothes with no obvious ID striving to maintain a low profile. When the team member needs to get involved, he/she pins on their ID card and handles the issue.
In the case of an armed confrontation such as an active shooter event or holding a violent person at gunpoint, the ID card clipped to the shirt or a safety/security badge clipped to the belt or on a neck chain does not create a high profile identification to the LEO arriving and locating the team member pointing a weapon at a suspect. In fact the LEO may elect to shoot the person with a gun on an active shooter call on first sight. Thus the possibility of a friendly fire incident. An ID card on your shirt facing the bad guy does nothing for the good guys arriving and seeing you from behind.
One very good solution to the issues of identifying the security team member is the ID Banner. I like the idea of a security or safety sash to hopefully reduce the potential of friendly fire and am currently implementing it for use by my church. I highly recommend that you consider having one of these available for any armed team member on your church security or safety team..

See a video demonstrating the use of the ID Banner

Officer using the Security Sash

Church Security Alliance has made the Church Security and Church Safety ID Sashes available for use by our members and newsletter recipients.

Order your Security or Safety Sash now!

The Safety Sash is now available for Law Enforcement Agencies, Security and Safety teams. It is currently in use and under evaluation by many well know agencies in the United States at this time. The safety sash resides in a cell phone type pouch on your belt until needed. It can be opened and placed over the shoulder with a single hand and permits the other hand to be used to maintain control of your sidearm. The sash is available with SECURITY or SAFETY printed on it.

The sash is very simple to use, open the case and pull the sash over your head. The sash can be repacked after being used. Please consider adding this to your church teams standard equipment. If you carry a sidearm in Church, I believe that this is a must have piece of equipment.

The ID Sash is shown in the open position and will be pulled over the officers head to complete the deployment of the sash. The church version will have SECURITY or SAFETY printed on them.

Allow approximately 3 weeks for delivery

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