Church nursery pagers are so much more than regular church nursery paging systems. Today’s computer power gives the church a great way to not only notify parents with a church nursery pager, but also to keep track of children’s ministry attendance, child location, updated photographs, authorized parent/guardian tracking, attendance and so much more.

The best church nursery pagers provide utility, accessibility and ease of use for church nursery volunteers regardless of the church size. Probably the best church nursery pagers and church nursery paging systems come from Parent Pager.

Parent Pager church nursery paging system provides identification labels for both the parent and child, and assures the church nursery volunteer is able to readily identify the child and parent, and increase security for your church nursery program. It is the only paging software that interfaces with a digital camera to allow accurate identification, which is a real plus for childrens ministry security.

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