BOILING SPRINGS, S.C — Members of a church in Boiling Springs subdued a man with a shotgun that entered the church. As awareness grows, more church members have learned to quickly take action in a critical situation. As we understand it, this was the result of a child custody dispute with this wife. Violence at church is often the result of marriage or family issues.

A shotgun-toting man kicked in a church door during Sunday services before being disarmed by congregants who saw him coming through the windows.

Church members then locked the doors, police say, and a half-dozen members sprang on 38-year-old Jesse Gates after he entered the church. Due to the efforts of these church members, no one was hurt Sunday at the Southside Freewill Baptist Church in Boiling Springs.

Gates  has been charged with burglary, disturbing a place of worship, and attempted kidnapping.

The police have also charged 34-year-old Amanda Gates with providing her brother with the shotgun and driving him to church.

Gates told reporters that his children had been taken away and he was trying to get someone to listen to him.

Our prayers are with the church and the brave church members that quickly intervened before any lives were lost or people injured.


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