I had heard the news reports that morning on two girls missing from my hometown of Xenia, OH.  A short time later, I found out one of the missing girls attended my children’s school and was someone I had met before while attending school class parties and field trips.  The press reports stated they were missing and their whereabouts were unknown.

Saying she was troubled would be an accurate statement.  I discussed the incident with both my  children because rumors persisted at school, and I detected some amount of fear from my daughter who knows the girl.

The next day, the news reported the girls had been recovered in Toledo, OH (about 4 hours north), and they stated they had been sexually assaulted by a man in his thirties.

The girls reported they had met the man on My Space and asked him to take them out of the state because they wanted to run away.

The 32 year old suspect, David Zobel, allegedly drove from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Xenia, Ohio and picked the girls up.  He drove them to Toledo, where he pulled into a parking garage and refused to release them until the performed a sex act on him.

When they complied, he took nude photographs of the girls and released them.

When the girls revealed their story to the Toledo Police, Xenia was contacted and in short order was able to determine the identity of the suspect.

The investigation revealed the suspect was a children’s church choir director.  Evidence recovered suggest the girls story is accurate, as his camera was found to contain the nude photos of the girls.

Here is a case where a kid’s choir director, someone who has countless hours of contact with children, has been charged with kidnapping and rape.

It would be interesting to determine if he has ever been accused of this type of behavior before at any church, and whether anyone had filed a charge against him.

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