According to the Oak Creek Patch

“An Oak Creek man has been arrested and charged with burglary after officers found the man hiding in the bell tower of a church after it appeared the church had been broken into.

On Jan. 15, South Milwaukee Police were dispatched to the Divine Mercy Church at 800 Marquette Ave. to escort church personnel during a procession.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Milwaukee County, as the officer was performing this escort, he saw a man wearing a black hoodie and one yellow glove and one orange glove walking on the sidewalk towards the church. After the escort, the officer returned to the church and noticed that one of the doors between the church and Saint John’s Manor was open.

According to the criminal complaint, the officer checked the foyer area at that time and did not locate anyone inside and the interior doors to the church from the foyer were locked. He closed the door he found open and made sure it was locked. He also checked the exterior of the church and then took up a surveillance position down the block.

Police reported that after a short while, the officer received a dispatch to assist another officer. As he drove by the front of the church he saw that the door which he had personally locked which he had initially found open was open again. He went in through that door and now saw that the interior church door off the foyer was open. He and other officers then searched the church and located Steven M. Carney in the bell tower of the church.

According to the criminal complaint, after police arrested him, they searched him and found two silk flowers in his pocket which he stated belonged to the church. Police located a yellow and orange glove on him, a tie, rope, and keys. Carney stated that he was present at the church to clean up.

Police spoke with Father Robert Betz of Divine Mercy who stated that he did not have permission to be in the church or take any items from the church.”

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