Our mission at Church Security Alliance is to help all faith communities increase awareness and to reduce the likelihood of criminal attack if possible.  While many of our members are Protestant or Independent churches, we have been receiving inquiries from more Catholic churches interested in developing security ministries, for which we are glad.

One way we do this is to offer our Church Security Starter Kit, ebook and membership to this website to help them begin the process of developing a security ministry.

In Rocky River, Ohio two weeks ago (June 11), a priest, while in a confessional, was attacked at gunpoint by an unknown suspect, and police are looking for leads to try and identify the gunman.

The suspect was identified as a white male, pale skin, long brown hair and interestingly enough, a tattoo of a cross on his forearm.

A man requested a confession with a priest. During the confession, the man pulled out a small pistol and attacked the priest, according to report. The priest reported the assault.

Officers searched the area but couldn’t find the attacker. The priest was taken to an area hospital, where he was treated and released. He is recovering at home, police said.

A statement from the Cleveland Diocese encourages parishes to be on alert and to ensure churchgoers and priests in area churches, and confessionals in particular, are safe.

Incident News Video

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