A Bryan man released from jail on Sunday after serving two months for misdemeanor crimes was arrested Tuesday night on charges of breaking into Parkway Baptist Church. 28 year old Lamont Orange was found by CSPD officers in a wooded area north of the church.

According to the arrest report, church employees called 9-1-1 after seeing Orange on their mobile devices from the church’s security system. The employees went to the church and continued to follow Orange on their mobile devices. Inside the building, officers found two ripped Bible pages that were stuck on the lenses of two security cameras with a blue soapy substance. After Orange was found, officers found a backpack with a Bible missing the ripped pages and a bottle of blue body wash.

According to online records, this is the sixth time Orange has been in jail in the last two years. Orange remains in jail in lieu of a $5,000 dollar bond on the new charge of burglary of a building.

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