Trial Starts For Tennessee Burnette Chapel Killer

According to the Associated Press

church shooter samson“Prosecutors are seeking life without parole for a man accused of fatally shooting a woman and wounding seven people at a Nashville church.

Local news outlets report that 27-year-old Emanuel Kidega Samson’s trial will start Monday. A jury is being selected this week.

Samson faces a 43-count indictment, including a first-degree murder charge, in the September 2017 shooting at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ.

An arrest affidavit says Samson waived his rights and told police he arrived armed and fired at the church.

A psychiatrist has diagnosed Samson with “schizoaffective disorder bipolar type” and post-traumatic stress disorder after an abusive, violent upbringing.

Samson is black and the victims are white. Authorities haven’t definitively said whether they believe he targeted them based on race.”

Indiana Allows CCW In Church Attached To Schools

Many states are examining whether to allow a church attendees to carry a firearm on church property, to allow churches to have the same status as a person’s home (Castle Doctrine type laws), and to give protection to church security teams if they have to use a firearm in defense of the congregation.

This week, the Indiana legislature has removed a prohibition from carrying a firearm into a church that is attached to a school.

You may about the new law by clicking here:  New Law

Driving Out The Intruder: Lessons From San Diego

There are two things that happen in an active attacker incident (I don’t use the term shooter):  the attack begins and while people try to figure out if it’s real, people die.  When I first started my police career a grizzled old veteran corrected my thinking when he said, “Don’t think if, think when.”

Thinking “when” completely changes your mindset because you go from a nebulous “probably won’t happen, but if it does I will do X, Y, Z” to “It will happen, here is my plan.”

I’ve started up the Church Security Report Video again because it saves time getting a video up instead of taking a week to write an article.  I can talk and show things vs. just writing.

So Here Is Episode 1:


ISIS Claims Responsibility For Sri Lanka Attacks

In the United States, most church attacks have occurred due to domestic violence spill over from home to the church environment.  Worldwide, Christians have been under attack from terrorist organizations, independent lone wolf attacks, local criminals, government organizations, and opposing religious groups Muslims and Hindus.

The Jerusalem Post published an article this week stating ISIS claimed responsibility for the 300 lost lives and 500 injuries from bombings perpetrated by their followers.

According to the Post:


Muslim terrorists killed over 300 people and wounded over 500 in an attack on a church on Easter Sunday.

Sri Lankan military officials stand guard in front of the St. Anthony’s Shrine, Kochchikade church after an explosion in Colombo, Sri Lanka April 21, 2019.Islamic State claimed responsibility on Tuesday for the bomb attacks in Sri Lanka that killed 321 people in what officials believe was retaliation for assaults on mosques in New Zealand.The claim, issued through the group’s AMAQ news agency, was made after Sri Lanka said two domestic Islamist groups with suspected links to foreign militants were suspected to have been behind the attacks at three churches and four hotels. About 500 people were also wounded in the bombings.”

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