Indianapolis – Members of a near east side church were robbed Friday morning in a church basement. Police are looking for two men in connection with the robbery.

The victims were held at gunpoint while they were working to raise money for the church. It happened around 8:30 am at 9th and Chester.

Nine members of the near east side La Luz Del Mundo Church were victimized Friday morning while cooking food for a church fundraiser. They were all herded into the church basement by a gunman, afraid they would die.

“I was very afraid he would start shooting,” said Victoria Chavez, speaking through a translator.

Shortly after the ordeal, members of the church were back at work baking while police gathered evidence including what may have been fingerprints left by the gunman.

According to witnesses, two men walked up to the rear of the church where a door was open. One entered with a gun while the other stood as a lookout.

Victor Carillo is pastor at the 175-member church.

“He came down the stairs and found everyone here working and he came down with a gun, pointing it at everybody,” said Carillo.

Witnesses say he shoved the gun into the back of one church member’s head demanding money. Victoria Chavez was the only one with money. The gunman took $240 from her purse along with a cell phone.

“He had us all get in that corner and he grabbed me from my back,” said Chavez.

While no one was hurt, the church and its members, who say they’ve never had any problems, became victims of a crime of opportunity that almost ended badly.

“It’s terrible. If there’s no fear of God, it’s awful. You know? No respect at all,” said Pastor Carillo.

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