I don’t believe in speaking the name of cowards that attack women, children and senior citizens. Suffice to say, the suspect in the September 24, 2017 Antioch, TN Burnette Chapel attack was found guilty this week in a Nashville, TN courtroom. The evidence revealed the attack, committed by a person who had been loved on by this church in his teen years, committed the murder and attack on innocent people in revenge for the equally despicable act in Charleston, SC. when an equally despicable killer murdered nine people in a racist attack designed to spark a race war.

I will be posting a video of his testimony in the coming weeks, as well as that of Caleb Engle.

Instead of posting video about this evil act, I decided to focus upon the victims in the attack. Pastor Joey Spann gave a moving impact statement, as did Melanie Smith’s sister and friend. They are posted below. Please pray for this church and its members as they learn how to move on from this heinous crime.

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