Church Security Alliance Is A Community That Helps Pastors, Volunteers,and Safety Teams Protect Their Church.

Church Security Alliance is a community of local church members working together to balance the need of protection against the need of an open faith community.  It is no secret criminals target churches through theft, child abuse, vandalism, arson and violent crimes.  We believe God has gifted men and women within the local church to provide basic protection services from the view of a servant’s heart.

While security and safety should be on the mind of every church administrator, the reality is a small percentage of churches do not focus on it until a tragedy or crime is perpetrated against their local body.  We believe it is a good thing to pre-plan and prepare for the possibility of criminal action against your church.  However, every church is different, and the needs of one church might not be the needs of another.

Should your church purchase security cameras?  Should you conduct church background checks upon volunteers in sensitive positions?  Should you have armed security personnel on campus?  These are all questions many churches have wrestled with, and CSA hopes to provide some of the answers.

Our vision for CSA is to provide a central hub of information on church security related issues, and to give a voice to those who are helping their church increase their security and safety.

We provide information on three levels.  The first level is through free information in the form of free videos or on our blog.  Anyone with an interest in church security can start there.  For those who want to begin the process of church security planning, CSA has developed resources including a Church Security Starter Kit, various training DVDs, and a book entitled Basics of Church Security.

Lastly, we have developed a community of like minded people who provide service in their home church through a church security ministry.  We invite you to join Church Security Alliance if you desire to be part of a community and to interact with others who are providing church security services on a volunteer basis.  It is a growing community of people who recognize the necessity of securing the local church, and have taken the step to plan and implement a church security team.

If you have questions, we invite you to complete the contact form and we will contact you via email as soon as possible.

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Jack Justice, Co-Founder

Jack Justice began his career in law enforcement in Ohio.  He now works in the technology field, and serves as the Security Director for a mid-size church in suburban Dayton, Ohio.

Fifteen years ago, Jack was unofficially consulting with people interested in improving safety and security at their church online and made it official with the start of CSA.  He has started two security teams from scratch, has written policy and procedures, authored Church Securty Basics, and continues to serve his church as Security Director.  He oversees a large security team every week and handles all safety and security concerns.

Jack provides consulting and training services for church security, and is the radio guru for CSA.  

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