First Incident

Tulsa, OK – Plainview Baptist Church – On April 1, 2014 a woman arrived at her church around 9:30 AM when a man approached her and asked to see a pastor.  He followed her and attacked her from behind, dragging her into another room where he attempted to sexually assault her.

He ran when she screamed for help.  According to the news report, she was grabbed by the hair as she exited her car. The incident was not reported until the second incident was broadcast on the news.

First Incident Video

Additional Video Of Both Incidents

Second Incident

A man approached the Adventist Fellowship Church and asked to speak to a pastor.  When the woman, a church volunteer opened the door, the man rushed in, smashed her on the head with a folding chair, and began ripping at her clothes.

When he attempted to drag her to the bathroom, she yelled, “Jesus, you have the power to stop this!”

At this, the man dropped her and fled the building.

The church, which is security minded has doors that have to be unlocked to let in visitors, security cameras and a buzzer that sounds every time someone enters.

According to Tulsa’s news nine, the pastor stated,  “We know it could’ve been worse and we’re just praising God she’s okay. That she’s safe and healing.”

The pastor plans to tell his congregation on Saturday that a miracle happened; that, when the woman called out the name of Jesus, she was protected.

“It is very sad in a place that, many times we consider a safe place and a place of refuge, yes it is sad. We do know God is still protecting and still here.”

The incident was captured on camera and the footage has been released to the public in an attempt to identify the suspect.

The two churches are approximately 1500 feet apart.

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