Although this incident happened in a foreign country, it is a good idea for church security teams to be on the alert during the Easter weekend.

In Serpong, Tangerang (Indonesia), the government arrested several men in relation to a 150 KG bomb left under a gas pipeline situated approximately 100 meters from a Catholic church.

The Indonesian Counter Terrorism unit disrupted what has been identified as a radical Islamic terrorist group.

I know I often read stories concerning churches in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Egypt and think how terrible it must be for the believers there.  I cannot imagine going to church and being attacked or having the church destroyed by a massive explosion.

I sometimes allow myself to think those things can’t happen in the United States, but immediately catch myself.  Why not here?  Enemies of the faith can strike at anytime with low tech weapons and cause massive casualties.

Although I believe our military, intelligence and law enforcement agencies do a great job detecting and disrupting terrorist plots, it only takes one person to inflict a great deal of damage.

On the other hand, it takes one alert person to prevent it.

So, be on the alert.  Pay attention.  Listen to your intuition.  Report anything suspicious, even though you might be wrong.  Law enforcement prevents crime and disrupts crime when citizens report suspicious activity.

Enjoy the weekend my friends, and we are happy with you that He has risen.

You can read the full store here.

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